Help ABConservation renovate the outdated facilities of the centre and help them rehabilitate some wild animal species in their natural environment

Origin of the project

The main goals of the Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Centre (PWRCC) are:

  1. The conservation of the two crocodile species of the country, by breeding them in captivity and restocking the wild population in designated sanctuaries.
  2. To promote biodiversity conservation through the rescue, rehabilitation and release back into the natural habitat of threatened wildlife.
  3. Raising awareness on wildlife conservation through guided tours of the site and local interventions.

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Presentation of the project

The PWRCC is the only rescue center of Palawan Island, Philippines, and it aims to release some animals in their natural habitat. Unfortunately, some of them are not adapted to live in the wild anymore, either because they have physical disabilities, or because they have imprinted on humans as they were kept as pets. This forces the PWRCC to keep some animals onsite, inclding binturongs, Arctictis binturong.


For the needs of the Bearcat Study Program, ABConservation created a first partnership with the PWRCC in 2018 in order to test a radio-collar prototype on a captive binturong before using it on a wild individual. Behavioral observations on one of the captive bearcats were then carried out and showed a high level of stereotypic behavior. After concertation with the whole staff and the director, it appeared that despite their will to improve animal welfare in their institution, the lack of means prevented them from offering the animals better living conditions.

ABConservation therefore decided to create a second partnership with the PWRCC and the local government in order to improve the husbandry of these animals and enhance the center’s rehabilitation program for certain species.


  • Raising funds to buy the material needed for the renovation and the creation of adapted enclosures.
  • Involving volunteers from all over the world, who will bring their skills and knowledge in various fields, and help the staff with daily tasks as well as construction work.
  • Offer training for the staff on required topics such as medical training, enrichment,…
  • Improve the medical care of injured animals and the welfare of captive individuals.

What will the collected funds be used for?

A first list of the main construction work and renovation projects was defined with the PWRCC in accordance with the needs of the animals.

  • Building new enclosure for the binturongs. The centre currently houses seven adults: one housed alone as it does not tolerate living with a group, and three sharing another enclosure. The three others are being kept in cages that are inadequate for their physiological and ecological needs, within the quarantine area. Moreover, the enclosures are outdated  and too little enrichment is offered although some individuals show stereotypical behaviour.

Enclos binturong fr

  • Creating new aviaries for the mynah birds, the eagles and hornbills that are currently housed in the quarantine area
  • Creating a large flight aviary for bird rehabilitation
  • Renovating the old birdhouse that has not been used for several months


  • Renovating the old reptile house that has not been used for years

Reptile house fr

  • Creating new enclosures for civets and macaques that are currently housed in quarantine area
  • Building an entirely new quarantine area to offer more space for confiscated animals
  • Purchasing veterinary equipment, including handling and restraint equipment
  • Planting fruit trees to grow part of the animal’s feed
  • Installing glass panels around the current reptile enclosures: visitors keep trying to touch snakes through the fences

Python fr

  • Setting new educational panels for visitors